Rodents Out of Control!

Rodent Control Out of Control?


Here’s our solution.

Contrary to popular belief, gopher and ground squirrel control is a year-round task. In fact, gophers are active all year. People have tried a wide variety of methods to control and eliminate them. Fumigation and bait traps do help but gophers can become trap shy and fumigation can be hazardous to the environment and other wildlife. Controlling ground squirrels is so difficult that even the UC Cooperative Extension has a webpage totally devoted to managing them. Moreover, if a property is next to an untreated parcel, an ongoing control program will be necessary or squirrels will re-invade over time.

Unlike traditional fumigants and poisons, our rodent control method is environmentally friendly and it keeps people, animals and non-target wildlife safe. After reducing the population of either gophers or ground squirrels, we recommend taking the time to destroy the tunnels or burrow system to help prevent re-infestation.

Make Kaboom! Instant Rodent Control your gopher and ground squirrel removal solution.