Providing rodent control and community support.

Kaboom! is proud to promote our local Youth Baseball league by sponsoring our very own Kaboom Team! Nice job! Having the opportunity to provide a safe area for kids to play sports is a great privilege. Kids involved in sports do better in school and in life. We make sure the fields are safe by treating the infestation of underground rodents efficiently and effectivley utilizing our carbon monoxide method. All holes are filled and… Read More

Dead rodent, mission accomplished!

If you’re tired of losing out to those pesky varmits, then give us a call. We guarantee our work. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. It’s a new year so why not start your property out rodent-free. These guys are vermin and they will take over if you let them. We always offer free estimates, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call today.

Rodent Control Out of Control?

Rodents Out of Control!

  Here’s our solution. Contrary to popular belief, gopher and ground squirrel control is a year-round task. In fact, gophers are active all year. People have tried a wide variety of methods to control and eliminate them. Fumigation and bait traps do help but gophers can become trap shy and fumigation can be hazardous to the environment and other wildlife. Controlling ground squirrels is so difficult that even the UC Cooperative Extension… Read More

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