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Kaboom is the exclusive distributor on the Central Coast for this unique barn owl nesting box providing the safest habitat and ideal environment for barn owls. Its patented lightweight design is the most innovative and long lasting next box on the market. The unique double-box construction made from rugged molded plastic, combined with heat reflective pigments and efficient venting keeps the box cool even in full sun. 

Adding barn owls to your integrated pest management program provides year round protection to your crops and property.

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One barn owl can consume 2-3 gophers, rats or mice per night, every night! A single family of barn owls will consume over 1000 gophers or over 3000 mice a year! And, barn owls are non-territorial and often form nesting colonies. 



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Ground squirrels taking over? Try one of our raptor perches. This high quality, durable design, made from heavy duty steel construction and a 2” x 4” x 24” custom finished redwood perch. Raptors offer excellent ground squirrel control and they hunt by day making them the perfect complement to the barn owls. Kaboom provides round the clock rodent removal!


For year round rodent control, call Kaboom today!
Delivery and installation services available.
Got gophers? Ground squirrels? Kaboom Is The Solution To Your Rodent Pest Problem.

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