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Kaboom supports a clean environment along with farmers, ranchers and vineyard owners who want to protect their land from subterranean pest control problems and the damage caused by burrowing rodents. As requirements for rodent control are made more restrictive regarding the use of pesticides in public settings, Kaboom is here to offer the control needed to exterminate rodents while keeping children, families, pets and the environment safe.

kaboom_web image_perc_bKaboom features the P.E.R.C. (Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller), the best, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic pest control tool to rid your property of those pesky burrowing rodents. PERC’s multiple probes instantly fill burrows with a lethal concentration of carbon monoxide. This colorless, odorless and fire-safe gas instantly destroys rodents, with up to a 75% kill rate in a single treatment, then evaporates leaving no lingering residue to harm crops or secondary kills to harm wildlife.

By using our underground pest control method for exterminating burrowing rodents, there are no permits needed and reports to file since there aren’t any poisons being applied.

Give us a call for all your commercial and residential underground rodent control needs and check out the PERC, it’s a gas!

Got Gophers? Ground squirrels? Kaboom Is The Solution To Your Rodent Pest Problem.

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